Austin we love you but we can’t afford you!  “So welcome to your new home. But just keep in mind that…

Austin we love you but we can't afford you!  "So welcome to your new home. But just keep in mind that unless you are:

Independently wealthy
About to inherit a fortune
A drug dealer
An underground dealer of skinny jeans and vintage cowboy boots (you’ll make a mint, just be sure to open an Etsy store); or
Donald Trump (God, please don’t let him move here. I mean, sweet Jesus, we already have Perry and Cruz and Abbott, haven’t you punished us enough?)

"You won’t be able to afford a house. Or an apartment, or a condo, renting or owning. That is, not anywhere within an approximate 122 mile radius of the actual city of Austin. I’m just warning you, so if you end up in a sleeping bag next to some dumpster you will be prepared. I’m pretty sure that a shed in someone’s backyard with a tree for a toilet rents for around $1,800 per month these days."

As I dream wistfully about the downtown condo I own but have to rent out because I can't afford to live there.  First there was coworking, now we need a low cost way to live in Austin.  Coliving? is a url I started to start searching for an answer just like was one of the early coworking ventures.  Coliving would be the next generation of the hippie commune.

Oh, it’s happened again. Austin, Texas has been lauded in another prominent publication; this time it’s National Geograp…

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